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Different types of Computer Viruses

                                              Different types of Computer Viruses

A computer virus is often defined as a program which specifically designed in order to cause harm to the computer. Computer viruses are transmitted and affect the computer via portable devices, files that are being downloaded using the internet, malicious scripts and many more. A virus gets associated with the host file and infects the computer, each and every time the user clicks on the particular infected file. Few viruses can replicate themselves and can actually cause further harmful damages to the computer. Here is a list of different types of Computer Viruses and what do they do.

Macro Viruses
Macro Viruses generally affect files that were created by using certain applications and programs which contain macro files, for example pps, xls, doc and mdb. These macro files automatically get infected along with the templates and documents associated with the files. These viruses tend to hide in documents those that are shared via e-mails and other networks. Relax, bablas, Melissa.A and 097M/Y2K Aare name of Macro Viruses that can affect files and documents stored in a computer, quite harmfully.

Memory Resident Viruses
These viruses stay hidden in the RAM and fix themselves within the computer memory. They get activated each and every time when the OS runs and affects several opened files. CMJ, meve, randex and mrklunky are some of the Memory Resident Viruses.

Direct Action Viruses
These viruses, once executed, mainly get activated. After a certain condition is met, these viruses start infecting the files and folders which are specified in the AUTOEXE.BAT. These viruses are mainly found in the hard disk’s root directory, although they change their location frequently. Vienna virus is a Direct Action Virus.

Overwrite Viruses
Such viruses basically delete any information from a file which they infect which makes the information useless. They replace all the file contents but do not change the size. Overwrite Viruses are Trj.Reboot, way and trivial.88.D.

Web Scripting Virus
Web pages generally consists some certain complex codes which is required in order to create interacting and interesting content. These codes are at times exploited and they come up with undesirable action which is mostly occurred by infected web pages and browsers. Web Scripting Virus includes JS.Fortnight; this is a harmful virus which mostly gets spread via malicious emails and scripts.

Multipartite Virus

These viruses mainly depend upon the OS that is installed and can spread in various ways. A Multipartite Virus hides computer’s memory; however they do not affect the hard disk. Multipartite Virus includes; invader, tequila and flip.

FAT Viruses
These viruses infect the File Allocation Table (FAT) which is considered to be the disc part which is used to store information about location of files, unusable space and available spaces as well. The link virus is one such FAT virus.

Companion Virus
Quite similar to that of direct action and resident viruses, these viruses also affects and infects files. Once they are inside the computer, these viruses accompany other files as well. Companion Virus includes Asimov1539.

Polymorphic Virus
Polymorphic Viruses include Marburg, Satan bug, elkern and tuareg. These viruses encode and encrypt themselves in a completely different way each and every time they affect a computer. Thus this particular virus makes it quite difficult for the antivirus to locate or detect them via searches, as they appear to be quite different in case of each encryption.

Trojan is perhaps one of the most harmful viruses that can illegally trace login details especially in E-Banking sectors, if a strong antivirus is not installed properly.

Email Virus
This type of a virus mainly stays hidden inside an email, which starts infecting the computer once the particular email is opened by the user.

Browser Hijacker
This kind of a virus automatically redirects the user to some other site. The cool web search is one such example of a browser hijacker. This virus can spread in various ways.

Boot Infectors
These viruses affect the boot sectors and infect the floppy and hard disks. These viruses are equally harmful which can give rise to a huge amount of trouble. The brain virus is an example of Boot Infectors.

So, now that you are aware of various types of computer virus and their attributes; stay careful the next time in order to ensure absolute security and smooth functionality.

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