Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Symmetric Key Encryption between JAVA and IOS

There has been a exponential increase in REST services implementation between IOS/Android devices and Java Middleware, This has become the solution architecture for most applications which provide support on IOS/Android devices and also provide interface on web using java web application.

To make the communication secure it is necessary that this REST messages are made secure. This can be achieved using symmetric encryption mechanism.

Node JS Express Mongo

This blog will help you to create a NodeJS application with the help of express, jade and mongo DB

1. Install Node JS
Go to link http://nodejs.org/ and click the Install button. It will identify your workstations operating system and start download an msi file.
After the file is downloaded install it at you preferred location.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Java Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is the most common types of patterns used in Java. It is also very common that interviewers ask questions to explain and implement singleton pattern

Lets first define Singleton
Singleton is a class whose only one object can be created.
There are couple of ways to implement Singleton class. Lets see the simplest one first.

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